• 5/12/2016



    Some know her as The Old Smoke, others simply as London. For Carlo Stanga, author and illustrator of I am London, the latest publication by Moleskine Books, she is "The Queen of Cities". An alternative guide to one of the world's best known cityscapes, I am London is the second book in the I am the City book series, a collection of illustrated publications that explore the multifaceted identities of the world's capital cities.

    Over 100 pages illustrated in full color take us on a journey from St Paul's to Trellick Tower to discover the stories behind London's most famous landmarks as well as its most iconic urban geography. Through the eyes of Italian architect, illustrator and storyteller Carlo Stanga, the city reveals itself as a labyrinth full of connections between people, places and things. 

  • 16/12/2015

    The wandering city

    the new Moleskine colouring book

    Use your imagination and coloured pencils to inhabit Carlo Stanga’s wandering city. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Find focus, satisfaction and meditation as you trace the lines and fill in the spaces.From the artist who created I Am Milan, I Am the City this new book is filled with the same evocative drawings but offers readers a chance to participate—a book filled with Carlo Stanga’s unmistakable drawings in inky black and white begging to be filled with colour.Explore the illustrations through colouring and become part of Stanga’s artistic process. This intricate world of mesmerizing objects, decorative details, plants, animals, faces and buildings, fusing styles from all over the world, invites collaboration.If you are looking for inspiration before you begin colouring, check out I am Milan, I am the City and the other Moleskine Books online, at top book stores and in design shops around the world. With The Wandering City Colouring Book, text and illustrations by Carlo Stanga, Moleskine broadens its editorial horizons while continuing to explore subjects of creativity and hand drawing, fundamental in all of our book publishing projects. 

  • 19/09/2015

    Sketchmob in MIlan

    Sketchmob Italia and Carlo Stanga for Milan

    Carlo Stanga,illustrator and author of the book I am Milan, published by Moleskine, was one of the tutors of the event and gave advice to architects, designers, illustrators and fans of design.Carlo Stanga presented I am Milan, not shown describing the highlights of the city, the streets, the buildings but also the shopping streets, the interior, the people, the courts, the trams, the subway in a series of great views collecting thousands of details. For this new appointment, Sketchmob Itlia thought the tram as a symbol of Milan, almost a moving monument of the city. Born in London, by the initiative of prof. Trevor Flynn, promoted in Italy by Arkipelag and Alterstudio Partners and supported by the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Milan, Sketchmob Italia is marking the great resurgence of freehand drawing.

  • 15/04/2015


    The first book in the Moleskine series dedicated to the great cities of the world

    "I Am Milan" is the first title of a new Moleskine collection of illustrated books called "I Am the City".

    Illustrated and written by Carlo Stanga this new series will touch some major cities across the world.

    Stunning colour illustrations lead the reader into a virtual tour, hand in hand with the city that narrates and reveals landmarks, tales, lifestyle, architecture and some secrets too.

    Buy the book online on the online store of Moleskine

    Look at the illustrations of I am Milan


  • 1/03/2015

    Exhibition " I am Milan"

    La Feltrinelli, Milan 1 - 30 September 2015

    The exhibition in the Feltrinelli Library in pIazza Piemonte, Milan, introduces to "I Am Milan", the first title of a new Moleskine collection of illustrated books called "I Am the City".

    Illustrated and written by Carlo Stanga, this new series will touch some major cities across the world.